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Swimming pools are a welcome respite from the scorching heat during a summer day. However, before you can do so, it is important that you have your pool thoroughly cleaned in order to maintain its crystal clear perfection and ensure the safety of your family and friends. We, at Clear Water Pools, provide an array of pool cleaning solutions to our clients in Pearland, Sugarland, Missouri City, Friendswood and Clear Lake, Houston, TX.

Pool Deck Cleaning

We provide expert cleaning services for all types of pool decks – tile, brick, stone or concrete. Cleaning services include removal of debris from the pool deck and cover. This is done by a quick sweep and pressure wash. We have specialized equipment for deck cleaning that will give you the finest results.

Surface Skimming

The dirt floating on the water surface is removed with the help of a leaf rake. When skimming the debris from inside the pool, we gently scrape the grout between tiles as they are a magnet for dirt and small leaves. To remove the scum from water surface, we spout the tile soap all over the pool. This brings the dirt towards the pool edges from where it is removed.

Tile Cleaning

We use a tile brush and soap to clean and remove stains from the tiles. We scrub the tiles both above as well as below the waterline as refilling and evaporation can anytime change the level of water.


Brushing would only remove the dirt from the outer surface. Thus, we offer complete vacuuming to suck out the grime from the bottom of the swimming pool. We ensure that your pool is absolutely safe to swim and would not cause any harm to anybody. We also make sure that your automatic pool cleaner is in proper working condition.

Our weekly service includes

Brushing your pool, balancing chemicals, vacuuming, Emptying pump and skimmer baskets. We also inspect all equipment to insure everything is functioning properly.

Our 21 point inspection includes

What exactly is a 21-point pool inspection? It includes the following:

Filter pressure check – you don't want pipes cracking!
Lubrication of your pool pump
Lubrication of your backwash valve – if these wear out, you'll need to get a whole new replacement
Inspection of your cartridge or sand filter
Pool and spa lights inspection – maybe even consider adding some color-changing features to the lights while you're at it
Time clock and time pins check
Skimmer lid and baskets examination
Pump impeller check –  a faulty impeller will create a lot of noise from your pool pump
An automated Chlorinator system
Pool surface examination
Automatic Cleaner and hoses check
Gate valve check – these commonly leak water or air, according to Pool Center
Cantilever caulking – cantilever is the edge around the top of your pool and fixing the caulking can improve the whole pool's appearance
Pool Safety examination – this is always necessary, especially if you have young children
Water level check
Flow rate and pool circulation check
In-floor system and screens check – this makes sure your pool stays clean
Examination of pool pump and leak check
Tile inspection – this also helps your pool appear much nicer
Examination of your deck for chips or stains
Check for pool surface popping, staining and chipping.

For more information about the pool cleaning services provided by Clear Water Pools, you can call us at 713-377-4295